A place for research outputs/information on research projects in collaboration with QuakeCoRE.

CEISMIC QuakeCoRE is part of Disciplinary Theme 4: Cultural and Social Factors Shaping Resilience.

Useful searches

These searches are intended as an introduction to some of the content in the CEISMIC archive. For more sophisticated searches and curated content, please contact us to discuss your specific research needs.

  • Research papers
    This search draws from the Research Repositories of the University of Canterbury, Lincoln University, the University of Auckland and Victoria University of Wellington. To have your research included in the list, ensure it is tagged "CEISMIC".

Personal accounts

Stories, blog posts and other personal accounts are one of CEISMIC's greatest resources for research into the human impact of the earthquakes. These example search terms have been curated to help find narratives likely to be relevant to research in the DT4 theme.