The UC CEISMIC Programme

The UC CEISMIC programme is based on principles of openness and collaboration, to ensure maximum utility to researchers, the public and future generations.

When we first decided to build an archive of earthquake-related digital content we knew we wanted to store images, stories, and media, and we wanted to avoid the fragmentation that often results when a variety of organizations build repositories that can't share with each other. A bright spark came up with the CEISMIC acronym (Canterbury Earthquake Images, Stories and Media Integrated Collection) and interest snow-balled. We don't spell out the complete acronym now - it taxes our typing fingers too much - but we still call ourselves the UC CEISMIC programme.

Our programme is led by the new Digital Humanities team in the University of Canterbury College of Arts. Digital Humanities is a new discipline that augments our 2000 year old tradition with modern technologies: we pride ourselves on being open, collaborative, practical and receptive to 'real world' ideas. We engage in a broad range of activities, ranging from text encoding, digital archiving, GIS mapping, data visualization and 'big data' analysis to blogging, tweeting and online publishing. The UC CEISMIC Canterbury Earthquake Digital Archive is our modest attempt to contribute to the rebuild. We're optimistic about Canterbury and would like our work to benefit the community.

The UC Digital Humanities team enjoys the support of a broad Consortium, including the National Library, the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority, Christchurch City Libraries, Te Papa, NZ On Screen, the Canterbury Museum, the Ngai Tahu Research Centre and The Film Archive. These organizations are working with the University of Canterbury to build a federated archive that will throw a net over all of our individual archives, and allow people to search across all of our earthquake-related content. We're leveraging New Zealand's existing assets wherever we can, and using open source technologies to ensure our project is both technically and financially smart.

Our supporters help us with content and in some cases financial assistance. We're proud to be associated with our founding sponsors the Sysdoc Group and The Press and welcome enquiries from other companies that would like to join us.

If you have any questions about the UC CEISMIC archive, or the Digital Humanities, please contact us.