The QuakeStudies component of UC CEISMIC is led by the University of Canterbury, and is supported by an Advisory Board and Research Committee. QuakeStudies collects content sourced from the research community, community groups, peak agencies and other organisations involved with or affected by the earthquakes.


Quakestudies provides a secure, access controlled 'vault' for these stakeholders to store their content, in the understanding that it will be looked after in perpetuity and be available to approved researchers either now or in future years. The site offers advanced search functions, so content is easy to find.

Although we're committed to making sure as much content as possible is open to the public to view, we're mindful of our responsibility to protect people's privacy, so ingestion into the QuakeStudies archive will be access-controlled. Only approved content providers and researchers will be able to add content to the repository. Content providers can request that content not be made available in public searches, only be made available to a defined set of researchers, or held in trust with no access for a defined period of time. Robust auditing and reporting features will be provided.

Members of the public wanting to provide their stories or photographs to the UC CEISMIC archive are encouraged to use QuakeStories.  If you have a large collection of content such as photographs, video recordings or documents, please contact us to discuss the best way to contribute.

QuakeStudies is supported by an Advisory Board and Research Committee.